Sports Education & Training


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Delivery Topics

We deliver a wide topic range to coaches, students, leaders, teachers, sports scientists and sports management:


q       Goal Setting and Planning and Reviewing,

q       Skill Acquisition, Development and Mastery

q       Practical Long-Term Participant Development

q       Developing Multi-Skills in Sport (1)

q       Building a Cohesive Multi-Event Curriculum

q       How to Coach Running Speed in Sport

q       Player Monitoring, Measurement & Assessment

q       Reviewing your Coaching to Enhance Performance


(1) As a sportscotland tutor



q       Working with Young People in Sport (2)

q       Conflict Resolution (2)

q       Benefits of Sport and Physical Activity (2)

q       Communication (2)

q       Anti-Doping Education & Awareness (3)

q       Contracts and Codes of Conduct & Ethics

q       Assessing and Developing a Coaching Team

q       GROW-Mentoring and Action Planning for Growth


(2) As a Scottish Sports Futures ‘ETC’ tutor       

(3) As United Kingdom Anti-Doping National Trainer